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Alan Gordon Studio"Thank you for an amazing workshop on breaking down the script. I found it fascinating. This was a new way of experiencing a script and it showed the connection between the practice of Meisner's technique and nuts-and-bolts application. Thank you for the invitation." ~ David Kilgannon

"Alan was so affirming. On the 2 hour bus ride home I thought about the class the whole time. I look for to studying with Alan in the future." ~ Elaine Maggiore

"I truly enjoyed the workshop and look forward to working with you in the future." ~ Alexander Pineiro

"Always great working with Alan and learning how to behave truthfully in the moment." ~ David Bongiorno

"Alan is, by far, one of the best acting teachers I have ever experienced. Smart, and knowledge while telling great anecdotes that have everything to do with the process of great acting. I strongly suggest every actor of all levels take at least one of his classes." ~ Zane Stackhouse

"I learned so much from the anecdotes that Alan told and the examples he gave of actual director to actor interaction. I felt involved throughout the evening." ~ Audrey Lane

"Alan has a keen insight of the technique and the business. He brings humor to the occasion and that makes learning a pleasure. Thank you Alan for a fun evening filled with insight." ~ Nicole Whitfield

"As usual Alan's sense of humor and knowledge inspires. His anecdotes are always informative and engaging and connect with the theme of the workshop. He has a wealth of knowledge on the craft and communicates with ease." ~ Roeshawn Hunter

"I knew it was going to be great. I've taken workshops with Alan before and will continue to do so. Great script breakdown reminded me of the importance of raising the stakes!" ~ Regina Pasqualino

Alan Gordon Studio"Great experience. In-depth analysis of the script. I learned that I need to go deeper than what I assume." ~ Jess Jimenez

"I enjoyed learning about not jumping to conclusions, staying in the moment in detective mode while exploring the script." ~ Michael Lewis Smith

"I learned so much in two hours--fun, full--can't wait to take a class!" ~ Rhana Cassidy

"Powerful techniques that are a great complement to regular Meisner practice." ~ David Kilgannon

"The exercises were very freeing. They allowed my true self to come to the surface." ~ Regina Pasqualino

"Wow! What can I say… Alan is the best in his field. Love his workshops." ~ Lola Martir

"Stream of consciousness was eye-opening invaluable exercise to develop instinct and get out of our heads. Thrilling!" ~ Berenice Soriano

"Fabulous! Thank you so much! Want to take other classes." ~ Michelle Dzury

"Enjoyable and enlightening!" ~ Ginnine Cocuzza

"Now I know how much work I have to do. Amazing intro." ~ Yasmeen Jahan

Alan Gordon Studio"Learning to be in the moment without the brain interfering is great food!" ~ Michael Lewis Smith

"Great intro since I've never had any training in this technique." ~ Josh Davis

"Alan is AMAZING! The way he ties together his vast knowledge of film and technique allows him to connect with students; making the learning simple and relatable." ~ Darik Bernard

"Alan Gordon is an amazing teacher. His classes are always fun and he encourages you to strive for excellence. His workshops are really worth attending" ~ Bellene Fisher

"I learned so much every time I come here." ~ Maureen Vidal

"Excellent as always!" ~ Mario Bosquez

"Loved the Meisner workshop. Great opportunity to do partner work from a beginner point of view. I felt supported in the class with my peers and Alan Gordon. Lots of amazing information. He is an encyclopedia of knowledge educating the student on film history, classic actors, movies, directors. A must for every actor. Supportive of actors young and old." ~ Jennifer Riggin

"I had an opportunity to sit in on one of Alan Gordon's Meisner Acting Classes. After entering, then walking up stairs, I was instantly greeted by Alan. Cheerfully welcoming, he remembered my name, having never met before, say but through an email correspondence. Which showed a sense of interest. Before the class even begun, I was sold. Continuing on through a compact hallway a grouping of aspiring actors filled the area. It felt like family was returning with each person laughing, playing and eagerly awaiting to get involved! Alan Gordon gave each performer their due time, while keeping the class moving, fun and entertaining. A firm teacher, but a delightful elegance about how he educated us with actor stories of old. It may have been an introduction class, but it gave me a peek into future time with Mr. Alan Gordon!" ~ Thomas J. Bellezza 

Alan Gordon Studio"I especially liked the three rules and the notes given during the exercises." ~ Rhonda Hudson

"Very informative! The things mentioned are the things I have issues with - therefore I think it'd be beneficial to learn more about the Meisner Technique. Alan was personable and I enjoyed the workshop." ~ Irene Espinoza

"Very good exercises in listening in the moment. Helps in listening to me. Great reminder to maintain volume! I like the work." ~ Lorraine Stone

"Very insightful! Learning a whole lot!" ~ Will Nash

"Excellent experience! Looking forward to more workshops/classes." ~ Mario Bosquez

"Great time today. Learned new things, reinforced old ones. I can really tell Alan live for this!" ~ Marie-Claude Tremblay

"I've been looking for a Meisner class that offers pragmatic, no bullshit instruction. I've found it." ~ Adam Davenport

"Such an amazing class. Really opened my eyes to the importance of breaking down the script." ~ Marc Chouen

"Happy to finally start my journey in the acting world in New York with such intriguing person totally committed to his craft with such a passion and knowledge which give me the confidence. I'm putting my time and career in the right hands to achieve successful in acting career." ~ Eliana Sasics

Alan Gordon Studio"This was a great learning experience. Great new insights on working with actors. Your knowledge and energy is inspiring. It gives me (as a filmmaker) renewed energy to go and work with actors on set." ~ Fokke Baarssen

"Great, dynamic, smart classes." ~ Enmanuel "Manny" Peralta

"Brilliant, open, comedic, well structured, freeing." ~ Regina Pasqualino

"This class taught me to basically not think and listen. This is my first time learning and using techniques from Meisner. Great class!! Can't wait for the next one. Thank you for the experience!" ~ Theresa Arthur

"Way better understanding the knowledge of the technique when I DID it. So many gems dropped." ~ De'Marcus Joseph Woods

"For my first time here, you made me comfortable enough to step out of my mind for a bit in order to provide a more organic experience." ~ Rosimer Surez

"I had a good time. Expected it to be more terrifying, but thankfully it was the opposite. Alan made me feel comfortable and the made the work not feel as intimidating. It was a good experience." ~ Berenice Soriano

"The class was insightful and inspirational. This technique can help me to reach another level in my acting" ~ Alfonzo Hollis

"Awesome class. Alan has great knowledge and provides historical facts via anecdotes that help to clarify his approach to script breakdown." ~ Darik Bernard

Alan Gordon Studio"I really enjoyed the class and look forward to studying with Alan full time." ~ Kristina Rajgelj

"I wanted more. It was great." ~ Ko Gonzalez

"Loved the class. Learned a lot. Interested in taking the Meisner Technique." ~ Maureen Vidal

"Really enjoyed the background on the Meisner Technique and going into depth about character study of play. Lots of excellent advice and great perspective on true acting craft." ~ Jennifer Riggin

"I honestly enjoyed this class. Alan helped me understand elements of the script that I had never experienced before. It was helpful." ~ Erika J. Wood

"I liked how detailed the breakdown was. Your quotes from other teachers like Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner revealed your knowledge of the craft. You answered our questions clearly. Great overall." ~ Maria Castellon

"This was great. I’ve taken a lot of acting classes and this seems like the right next step." ~ Thomas Conroy

"Alan is knowledgeable and makes you feel welcome. The workshop made me want more." ~ Anthony Chin

"What a really good two hours, Alan has that power to keep you inspired for the art of acting. I feel great of coming to this workshop." ~ Valerie Diaz

Alan Gordon Studio"Alan was very engaging. Broke down the material easily and in a way that everyone could understand. I enjoyed the class! Thank you!" ~ Andrea LaTrell

"Very informative; a relaxed and a non-threatening workshop. A feeling of "I want more" because Alan is so approachable and flexible in his presentation." ~ Don Whistance

"I really enjoyed the class. Alan Gordon is in excellent teacher and made me feel very comfortable. I would refer him to other actors to study here." ~ Vincent Farr

"It was a very well-condensed version of three steps of M.T. It seemed like the ground level of the whole introduction of the technique is to get to the very bottom of being a human being. I will come back more often, Alan, regardless of the distance. The class was truly inspiring because of your confidence of acting/teaching/and love for those all. Thank you." ~ June Lee

"Very interesting and engaging. Great directions, very informative." ~ Nate Cambridge

"I really enjoyed attending this class. Class was very interesting and learned a lot about the Meisner technique in one day. I do look forward to attending other classes. Alan, you are awesome and love the way you teach a class. Hope in seeing you soon." ~ Jay Rodriguez

Alan Gordon Studio"l loved how Alan encouraged all of us to explore the details and avoid locking into one choice." ~ Leslie Frey

"Loved the workshop and how Alan focused on the specific relationships in the script." ~ Kayla Cardillo

"Really enjoyed the detailed analysis of the scene." ~ Will Cheng

"Good class. Knowledgeable, covered a lot of ground." ~ Robert Tyler

"Effective, efficient, relevant, direct, and VERY educational. Thank you, Alan!" ~ Elijah Bland

To be a student in the class of an inspired teacher is the best! Alan Gordon's recent "Point of View" workshop helped me take stock of how long it had been since I last had a playground on which to consistently practice the fundamentals and grow more in-tune. Listening and becoming sensitized to every nuance your partner gives you in each moment becomes the actor's most alive tools. This aliveness stems from a visceral focus on the other person, which helped me get out of nervousness in my head, and a wanting to 'be good'. By not hesitating, Alan Gordon compels actors toward fearlessness - Truth are the moments we all feel in our deepest guts, and when witnessed an audience reacts most powerfully. A team in art is lovely and Alan Gordon has created a studio for serious, truthful play, a community for honesty and imagination to feed our souls, hence art. Thank you Alan Gordon Studio! Cheers to many more instructive evenings!" ~ Katrina Perkins

Alan Gordon Studio
Alan Gordon Studio
Alan Gordon Studio
Alan Gordon Studio
Alan Gordon StudioAlan Gordon StudioAlan Gordon StudioAlan Gordon StudioAlan Gordon Studio
Alan Gordon Studio
Alan Gordon Studio
"Alan Gordon has the unique gift of helping students at all levels of their artistic development find truth in their work and..." ~ Jenna DiMartin
Germar Gardner
"I wouldn't have been able to take the steps I have in my career without the help of my teacher and coach Alan Gordon..." ~ Germar Gardner
Germar Gardner
"What can I say that I have not said about Alan Gordon Studio. When I first spoke to Alan about taking his class, the first thing I said..." ~ Ivan Goris
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